We have committed ourselves to be the best among the industry and have been keeping this goal in mind moving forward.

quality declaration

BLTC believes quality is the very fundamental building block because this is deeply connected to each and every part of our organization. Our quality policy is established based upon each and every one of our customer requirement overtime. In order to carry out and execute the standard, we have set up stringent inspection standard and invest in all kinds of equipment to ensure product quality can be maintained before delivery.


With the help from our RD that have expertise in engineering and design background we are able to fulfill OEM and ODM requirement from our worldwide customers. And BLTC can bring brilliance, safe, and comfortable environment into your daily lives and working space through our products. Our patents and safety certification are an guarantee of our product quality, and we believe keeping this goal and challenge in mind we will continue to look for more innovation and breakthrough as we move forward.

electronics, optical, mechanical and thermal management

BLTC has accumulated quite some experience in the field of electronics, mechanical design and optical design. We have built up a strong RD network over the years, and this has enable BLTC to be one of the top leaders in the world with the most advanced technologies.